I’m not very social

I really don’t appreciate the air quality in most places that I go to with my friends.  I think that if you don’t have perfect air quality, then it could ruin your entire night out.  Imagine being all dressed and looking for the ladies, only to walk into a club and have it so hot, that you are drenched in sweat.  Who wants to dance with a guy whose shirt is plastered to him because of sweating due to lack of air conditioning. I wouldn’t dance with a woman who had pit stains.  The same thing goes for when the heating is on. You walk in, all ready to dance, and the heating isn’t working. It gets really cold, and no one wants to do anything but stay close and huddle.  That may be nice, but most of the girls stick with their friends. I want to get out and dance. Now, I don’t worry about the clubs, but I still like to take my girl out. I want the air quality to be perfect for her comfort.  She dresses to kill when I take her out, and I am so proud of her. A couple of weeks ago, I took her to a new restaurant so I could propose. She looked amazing in her black mini dress. We walked into the restaurant and I couldn’t believe how great it felt.  When she smiled and told me that the air quality was great, I felt like I had service the HVAC myself. I asked the owner how he got it so comfortable, and he said they didn’t have any HVAC yet.

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