I’m noticing the extravagance

I came home the other week and I realized that i was no longer comfortable in my own home.  I couldn’t get relaxed in my own bedroom. I no longer got that feeling of total calm when I walked into my bedroom.  My bedroom is supposed to be my sanctuary from all that is wrong in my life. My bedroom is supposed to relieve my stress and not add more stress to my day.  I’ve thought about a custom furniture designer and having new furniture built for my home, but I’m thinking it may not be necessary to be so drastic with my changed.  I’m thinking that maybe the smaller changes could be just as good. When I talked to the interior decorator, she agreed with me and we sat down and talked about what it was I wanted to achieve with my new bedroom design.  I was amazed at what new quality bed linens and new drapery could when transforming your bedroom from humdrum to the respite you truly desire. Since the pillows bedding and the linens are what comes into contact with your skin, you need material that is soft and feels delicious against the skin to find comfort and a restful sleep.  I thought that was a good enough reason to allow the interior decorator to help me with my bedroom. We had handcrafted bedding, pillows, and even window coverings all designed with only me in mind. I knew that the airflow in the room, from the airy curtains over the open window would just what I needed to give me peace after a long day at work.

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