I’m okay with the weather

Wintertide can be brutal up here in the Northeast.  Way up here, Wintertide is just no joke. If you aren’t prepared, it will simply kick your butt.  As soon as I turn off the air conditioner at the end of summer, I call the heating and AC supplier to come out plus tune up the oil furnace.  I do not fool around–I want that oil furnace on point when the temps drop precipitously. And, that’s how it happens. It gets cooler through the fall plus then WHAM, the next thing you assume realize there’s a Noreaster.  And then, that whole routine starts up again. I go out plus cover up the heating and AC condenser unit to be sure the air conditioning is protected from the snow and ice. This is a simple detail many of our neighbors just skip.  But, it is absolutely quite important to cover the outside air conditioning component through the winter. This keeps ice as well as the snow from resting directly on fan blades. It also mitigates all the freezing thawing on important parts.  I have even had a sizable icicle fall on the condenser which could have penetrated the grill had the cover not stopped it. I add this component to the list as I do the snow patrol. While I’m out clearing away snow and ice from the driveway and mailbox, I zip around the cabin  It’s important not to allow accumulated snow plus ice to just kneel on the compressor cabinet. It’s equally important to be sure that when Springtime comes around, the air conditioning is all set to go.

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