I’m on top of the air conditioner

  It was boxing night last Tuesday plus I thought it would be a good thing to have a bunch of friends over to watch them. I was super happy to have all my bros over for the fun time plus went to the trouble of buying the event on pay-per-view, picking up a few beers plus pretzels, and making sure the family would leave us alone to enjoy our fun time!

           People started arriving around 6:30 plus we started drinking plus eating while talking to catch up. The fights started at 7:30 plus by that time an hour of gatheringing had made the room pretty hot. I went over to the temperature control plus turned on the ac. Then I went back to gathering plus watching the fights. About thirty or so minutes later I noticed that the room felt hotter than before. I worked on the temperature control to make certain I had not switched on the furnace by mistake. I had not erred in setting the temperature control which could only mean that the a/c was no longer working. I checked the a/c plus sure enough it was off. I tried the breakers plus looked for any noticable signs of something wrong.

          I am no Heating plus Air Conditioning person so I had to quit and return to the gathering… By the time the last fight was on, we were all drenched in sweat. We didn’t care because we were all taken up in the moment. The next afternoon I called an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to come repair our a/c.

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