I’m quite glad now

We had a BBQ the other week.  A lot of people entirely decided not to go to the BBQ because they said it was going to be too hot; I entirely wished we had gotten an indoor location that had air conditioning! Well, even though a lot of people didn’t show up, we were able to make the best of things! The people I was with and I had so much ice, plus someone put ice in front of a fan plus had it blowing, and people were taking turns getting in front of the fan blowing the cool air. It was just like a makeshift air conditioning machine. Then someone showed up later who entirely had a portable air conditioning unit! They hooked it up and people were relaxing while eating food in front of that portable air conditioning unit, and for being outside, I was impressed with the cool air that portable air conditioning device was able to push out. The device was designed for any section including the outdoors! I was saying to our buddy who brought the portable air conditioning device that I would really have to buy a few of those! He told me he got it for a good deal and I thought that was easily great. I thought the BBQ was going to be a failure since it was so ridiculously hot, but it turned out to be a good time with everyone that entirely made it out. Thank heavens for the portable air conditioning unit invention!

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