I’m so relieved now

I always try to take care of my HVAC system. I need superior comfort while spending less on energy costs every week. Because of this, I was rather surprised when I had some complaints with the oil furnace last Winter. It seemed as if the heating system unit was running non stop, & yet my old house felt slightly cold. There were cold spots in numerous rooms, & I kept turning up the temperature control thermostat. My weekly bill was much higher than usual. Plus, I noticed a good deal of airborne dust & an unpleasant musty smell. I finally hired a local HVAC contractor to take a look at my oil furnace. He informed me that the problem was really a result of leaks in the duct system. While the oil furnace is relatively new, the HVAC duct is absolutely 3 decades in years old. I’d never even considered having the duct plan checked, cleaned or serviced in anyway at all. Because it’s hidden in the walls, ceilings & crawl spaces, I totally forgot about it. Small holes in the ducts were allowing the heated air to escape, & bringing in polluted outside air. The flaws in the ducts of air were contaminating indoor air pollen levels, negatively impacting comfort, & placing needless strain on the oil furnace. It was not a good thing at all!  

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