I'm stunned that a tree fell and destroyed my Heating and A/C condenser

Until last week, I had nothing but appreciate for the tall trees scattered throughout my property. I have many outdated oak trees, many spruce, a handful of pine trees, and a walnut tree as well. Birds from all over the area fly to my yard to fill my tree branches nearly every day, so much so that I purchased a fee feeders so I can watch all of the pretty colored pigeons as I look through my home office window, out into the backyard. I am also ecstatic each year with sight of changing colors on the leaves, going from purples to mixes of amber and beige. But Last yearall of the unconditional allure of my trees quite literally came crashing down from above as a giant branch snapped off and destroyed my Heating and A/C condenser when it hit the ground. To my amazement, a bolt of lightning snapped the wood and caused the branch to tumble down from more than two stories up in the air. I should be thankful the branch did not destroy the side of my loft instead, potentially smashing into the roof and caving into my attic, but paying to substitute an A/C condenser is not something everyone have random cash budgeted for. I am lucky I was even able to source the official condenser equipment for my Heating and A/C plan as my friend was forced to buy a new complete heating and cooling plan when his manufacturer quit making the condensers that match the rest of his components. His aged unit utilized a refrigerant that is no longer available, so the change was about to come sooner or later. Still, I am bitter about the broken branch and the cash I had to spend to substitute my A/C condenser. I am starting to seriously reconsider my appreciate for my trees, even though I don’t assume if I could go far enough to absolutely chop a single down.


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