I’m the type of guy who makes friends

When I moved out of my parents’ house, they made myself and others promise to come back and help them with strange jobs around the apartment from time to time. I shrugged, but agreed, knowing that they would consistently spend money myself and others back with a delicious home-cooked lunch. While I did miss the bustle of other people in the house, I really didn’t miss how cold cold it was in that house! See, my parents were originally from the South, and after decades of warm Summers and mild Winter seasons, they wanted to tranathletic interest up North and live in a perpetually cold climate. I’m sure that was a fantastic change of scenery for them, even though I was born into the cold and I’m sick of it. A few weeks after I moved out, my dad called myself and others a single afternoon asking for a favor. He needed help installing this current control equipment in the house, and needed a fresh set of eyes to see where he could’ve gone wrong in the upgrade. When I made it over to their house, my parents sat in their recliners in the living room, smiling at myself and others as I walked into the house. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that the oil furnace was running. Wait, what? My parents, who swore off ever being warm again, running the oil furnace? My parents laughed at my confused facial expression, as my mom held up a remote and pointed it at a circular component on the wall. With a few clicks of a button, the sound of the oil furnace running came to a halt. That’s when my parents said they had a smart control equipment installed, which allowed them to adjust the temperature of the apartment on the go. I smiled, finally, and asked if this meant they would finally let the apartment warm up. “No way!” My dad chimed in, “All of us just wanted to show off the current temperature control.” Only fifteen minutes passed before I decided to leave, as my parents let the temperature in the apartment drop back into the low sixties.

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