I’m there for the A/C and the movie

One of my all time favorite places to go in the summer months is the movie theatre! I always invite my girlfriend to come along with me, though we don’t always agree on the same types of movies. She always likes to watch these boring romance flicks while I enjoy the action packed movies! If it has a lot of shootouts and explosions, it’s my type of movie! The thing I probably love most about going to the theatre though is the excellent climate control system they have. They always have the A/C working hard in the theatre and it just feels perfectly cool inside. My girlfriend always whines that it is too freezing inside, but I just tell her to quit whining and keep her jacket on. I know that sounds mean but it’s honestly not overly cold to me and I feel like the temperature is just right. Oftentimes I’ll go to the theatre by myself or with some friends because my girlfriend usually says she doesn’t want to freeze to death in the theatre. I’m alright with that for the most part because I don’t want to end up watching some corny romance flick. Not to mention, I don’t like having to pay a small fortune because she always wants popcorn with butter on it as well as a drink. That’s something I don’t really get, why popcorn and drinks cost so much money at movie theatres. When it’s just me, I might just get a box of candy at the most. I don’t really like wasting my money on a bunch of snacks. I’m there for the A/C and the movie!

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