I’m thinking I was ripped off

The other day was certainly a blessed day! It was the birth of my first born child.  My family and I named him Christopher. Well, it was such a crazy day I must say for sure. When all of us were waiting in the hospital, it seemed as though it were forever. What bothered myself and others the very most was the A/C in the room was just blasting cold air. I asked the nurses many times to please just adjust the temperature control.  They said they would yer never did. Finally one nurses was telling me that they were not allowed to adjust the temperature control settings, which seemed completely crazy to me. How were they going to have my pregnant wife in this room about to provide birth but on the verge of freezing to death? Not to mention my little son didn’t need to enter into the world feeling incredibly cold.  However after a long while of futile complaining to these nurses, I got through to the main boss and he agreed to let us adjust our temperature settings in our room. It was about darn time plus it really shouldn’t have been so difficult to allow us to make a simple adjustment to the rooms temperature. I remember one of these nurses trying to say it was a business policy to prevent germs spreading. I could understand that for unusually exposed sections of the hospital, however not for labor and delivery! Do these people seriously want to freeze all the new babies plus the parents? I knew deep down either those nurses just enjoyed their overworking A/C or that they enjoyed making people feel miserable. I will not be going back to that wretched hospital again.

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