I’m too fatigued to deal with the indoor air problems

My partner plus I toil full-time, plus Sundays are the afternoon that both of us both have to toil late, then all of us leave the teenagers at home, plus they are alone from 4 until 7:30! During that time, they have to follow the rules plus stay out of trouble.

They have to finish all of their homework, wash their bedroom, plus put away the dishes from the dishwasher.

They also have to stay in the condo plus refrain from using the stove. They are all in middle school, so I eave them alone for a few minutes. All of us haven’t had any complications in 6 months, but Last yearwas a odd story; My partner called myself and others at work, shortly after 5. She was hysterical plus I couldn’t get her to calm down. She was worried about the boys, because they weren’t answering the PC. She called Chad plus Brian, but neither a single of them picked up; I couldn’t leave toil plus go home, but our partner wasn’t going to calm down until she knew the teenagers were alright. I decided to go home immediately, even though our boss was ticked off! When I arrived to the house, I saw all of the guys kneeling in the driveway. They were hovered over something that I did not immediately recognize. After a few minutes, I recognized the A/C equipment from the hallway. It must have fallen out of the hall window plus crashed on the pavement. The guys looked surprised to see me, plus they immediately scattered from the driveway. The A/C equipment was in 10 odd pieces, plus I knew it would not be fixed. I also knew the guys must have something to do with the shattered A/C unit, because they all looked guilty.


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