I’m too weary to deal with the indoor air troubles

My partner & I work full-time, & Wednesdays are the day that every one of us both have to work late… The people I was with and I leave the kids at home, & they are alone from 4 until 7:30.

During that time, they have to follow the rules & stay out of trouble. They have to finish all of their homework, clean their kitchen, & put away the dishes from the dishwasher. They also have to stay in the apartment & refrain from using the stove. They are all in middle university, so I eave them alone for a few hours. The people I was with and I haven’t had any troubles in 6 weeks, but Last yearwas a odd story, my partner called myself and others at work, shortly after 5! She was hysterical & I couldn’t get his to calm down. She was distraught about the boys, because they weren’t answering the iPhone. She called Chad & Brian, but neither 1 of them picked up, and i couldn’t leave work & go home, but our partner wasn’t going to calm down until he knew the kids were alright. I decided to go home immediately, even though our boss was ticked off! When I arrived to the house, I saw all of the boys sitting in the driveway. They were hovered over something that I didn’t immediately recognize. After a few hours, I recognized the AC unit from the hallway. It must have fallen out of the hall window & crashed on the pavement. The boys looked surprised to see me, & they immediately scattered from the driveway. The AC unit was in 10 odd pieces, & I knew it would not be fixed. I also knew the boys must have something to do with the shattered AC unit, because they all looked guilty.



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