I’m trying to invest in smart building technology, but I need to learn more

I happen to be an investor, which means I bankroll projects and get paid from them even if I don’t actually understand them… I have regularly had a fantastic eye for talent, which has taken me places.

  • I don’t even focus so much on the idea that is being pitched to me, I try to focus on the man behind the whole project.

A talent can easily make lemonade out of lemons, so even if the project goes south the man can make something happen. This is far more important than it used to be, because I can hardly understand the technology behind all kinds of new ideas. The other afternoon I had a meeting with an energy retrofit services provider, and by the end of the meeting I didn’t know anymore than when they started. I understand all the words in the phrase energy retrofit services however in listening to the guy talk I couldn’t help but get lost! The next meeting I had was unquestionably similar, as I had never heard of pumping systems controls before either. The whole difference was in delivery, and this man was able to provide a great pitch that told myself and others what pumping systems entirely were, and how vital pumping systems controls were for new building complexes. He easily showed real talent, and while he lost myself and others when starting in about chiller plant controls and the cooling tower controls, I still appreciated his incredible passion. I am going to do a great deal of research about the so-called smart building industry he was going on about and see if there truly is a future, and any real money in it.

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