I’m trying to not mess with the settings

My air conditioner is so worthless I was forced to spend money on ceiling fans.  My landlord commanded me to never call him about the air conditioner when he handed me the keys to the house.  He said a technician had just come by to clean it and gave it a tuneup so it should be running fine. I want to call him about it now.  The cooling system is unable to keep the house cold enough. I want it at 72 degrees but it won’t drop below 77 during the day. The motor keeps cycling on and off which can damage the system and run the electric bill up.  But what choice do I have if I want a little bit of AC? I’ll take it whenever I can get it. The situation got so frustrating that I bought ceiling fans to replace the light fixtures in every room. The fans help by pushing down any cold air that tries to rise to my ceiling.  They’re also my only line of defense when the AC isn’t running at all. But even with the fans running with my AC system my house feels miserable. I am not forking out this much money every month just to live in a sauna. There has to be something wrong with the HVAC and I am sure the landlord lied when he said he had it cleaned before I moved in.  It’s probably an old unit that needs a deep scrub and full tuneup.