I’m very happy with this

Sometimes I get on these streaks where all I can talk about are books, and I wonder why people listen to me.  I was told yesterday that I am flamboyant with my speech and that I create an aura that draws people in and they become mesmerized.  I thought this was bad, but she said it wasn’t. I have no idea who the woman was, but what should have been a five minute call, ended up being an hour and a half.  She told me I was a breath of fresh air and suddenly she felt more relaxed and able to breathe better. She said it was like someone had turned on the air purifier and the air quality suddenly improved.  Now that made me feel really good, but I was beginning to think she was more flamboyant that I. This gave me incentive to continue on with my public speaking engagements, but it also brought my attention to the air quality of the places where I was speaking.  It seemed that there was a small cloud above our heads in the one auditorium. Whenever I walked in there, I could feel the cool air from the AC, but I could still see this small vapor cloud up near the ceiling. I was wondering if it was the heat that was being forced up, but then I began to wonder if it wasn’t more because of poor air quality.  Maybe their air purifier wasn’t working properly and the fresh air was forcing the bad air upwards. Eventually it was going to have to come down, and what kind of air quality would be in there when the next group of people came in.

air conditioner tune-up