I’m very happy

My brother Ian plus I moved to the south, Ian and I moved next door to people who had lambs. Ian plus I both thought the lambs were cute plus the noises they made were fun to hear. We obtained the place right then plus there. The lambs were a bonus with the house too. It only took 1 Summer for Ian plus I to detest the lambs. The reason is that the lamb smell really bad in the hot times. If I leave my windows cracked in the littlest bit, the lamb smell pollutes my indoor air conditions. The small house, sheets plus rugs included, will smell like a lamb. If I close the windows, then the home becomes a hot box. I had to buy all new cooling unit plus air quality devices for my home as well. The air conditioning is for when I seal off the windows. I need to keep the house cool in one way. Every room in the house has an indoor air unit connected to my ductless multi split equipment. If I desire fresh air however, I then need my air quality device. I open the windows, switch off the A/C plus then use an air purifier to remove the sheep smell. I had to get a heavy duty air purifier that can stand alone too. I don’t want to run A/C with the windows cracked, so the air device is its own unit. What this means is that it is huge and won’t work with the AC device.

air conditioning unit