I’m very relieved right now

Both of us went to this cool little location and there was a band playing live… The band was really good and we really enjoyed the show going on. Sadly, it started to become incredibly warm inside. I asked someone who worked there about the temperature control setting and  they said they were working on it. I felt it was a real shame if they couldn’t get the cooling system going/ After a short while, the band had to take a break and apologized because it was too overheated inside. Eventually, the cooling system finally cranked back to life! We had seen that an HVAC serviceman had been working on everything plus most people cheered for him. The band gave their thanks as well and then said the show was back on then started jamming. It was like they found new life with that unbelievable cooling air. All of us all rocked hard that evening. I was so happy because I didn’t want the show to end just yet. I knew all of us would have to get out of there if they weren’t able to repair the cooling system. I’m just delighted everything worked out so all of us were able to have the perfect evening. I felt like it would have been ruined if we had to break the evening up due to a cooling system malfunction. My girl and I, we got a little wasted that evening because we were buying drinks like crazy. When both of us finally made it home later in the evening, I had the air conditioning system blasting and we passed out.