I’m wondering about our cooling unit

When my mom moved in with us last year, everything was fine for a while. We were happy to have her with us, and she was great at helping out with the kids. Plus, sometimes she even cooked dinner and that was great for me since I hate cooking! But then she started menopause and everything changed! The problem was all of the hot flashes that she was having. She wasn’t mean or crazy or anything like that, but she was just burning hot all the time. The air conditioning bill skyrocketed, and my husband and I couldn’t figure out why. Then we realized that it was because my mom was constantly changing the temperature on the thermostat. She would actually set the thermostat as low as it would possibly go! Then our air conditioner would run all day and all night, and I’d still catch my mom with her head stuck in the refrigerator to try and cool off! My husband finally got tired of paying the huge air conditioning bills to cool off our entire house with our central air unit, and he bought a little window unit air conditioner for my mom to install in her bedroom upstairs. It’s one of those newer, energy efficient models. He says that with the window A/C unit, she can turn her room into an icebox and just stay in there instead of freezing the rest of us to death! I’m sure we will all be glad when these hot flashes are over! Especially my mom! She says she can’t even live without A/C these days.

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