I’m wondering about this

I recently bought and installed radiant floors in my bathroom. For a very long time now, I can say that I have consistently dreamed of having heated bathroom floors, especially when you have tile flooring and you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and the floors are cold. You just want to run and jump back in bed to get warm again. I guess you might be thinking, will not this make my light bill increase? No. because you install the heating floors in small areas that way the less it takes to heat up the less energy it takes to run it; Also, you can set it to a temperature so you can turn it off and on or up and down. Whichever makes you more comfortable.  Wouldn’t you like getting out the shower and stepping on hot floors or when you wake up early in the morning in the middle of Winter season and go to the bathroom to get ready. Instead of stepping on cold floors you can relax and step on hot floors which will warm your whole body within minutes, doesn’t that sound relaxing? So, go out there and get your new radiant floors installed someplace you like in your home and enjoy that warmness in every step.