Importance of AC in the car

For fifteen years I was a “hack” which is what we cabbies call ourselves. I ran a cab in the city for that long, and I never had a night at work I didn’t enjoy. It was a vampire’s life for me, sleeping all day, working all night, to ferry around the late night party goers and ravers. It was always interesting, even though I got robbed a few times and had some other close calls over the years. And then just last year I decided to take a chance on myself and start driving for Uber instead of the cab stand. I outfitted my car with a new air conditioner, because this was right at the start of the summer season, and I hit the streets as my own boss. With all my experience, I knew that having and ice cold A/C would be the quickest way to earn some good reviews, and this business is all about reviews. I knew my driving was safe and professional, and my knowledge of the city was second to none, but if I had a terrible air conditioner that is all my passengers would end up remembering. If the AC is good, no one even notices, and they relax and enjoy the ride. When the AC is bad, however, they can do nothing but sit and think about how uncomfortable they are, which is not good for business. Between you and me, when the car is empty and I am alone usually I turn off the AC altogether and just roll all the windows down to air out the car.

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