Importance of tonnage

Did you know that HVAC units come in a variety of different sizes. HVAC units are measured in size units called tons. Each HVAC unit ton represents the amount of square footage that can be properly heated and cooled by the machine. A typical 1 ton HVAC unit can usually heat and cool a small one-bedroom apartment. Larger 3 bedroom homes require a higher tonnage HVAC unit. Most three and four bedroom homes have a 3 or 4 ton HVAC unit. The tonnage is incredibly important, and the home square footage has to be exact. If your HVAC unit is too small, it will work significantly harder to heat or cool the air. If it’s too big, the machine will not cycle on and off properly. Both of these issues can lead to a system malfunction or extremely high energy bills. When my hubby and I had a brand-new HVAC unit installed, they even went to the Property Appraiser’s website to get the exact square footage of our home. I tried to tell the HVAC company that our square footage was 2286, but they believed that seemed far too high for our home. When they looked on the Property Appraiser’s website, our square footage only stated 1750. I tried to tell the HVAC technician that number wasn’t correct, but he insisted on measuring each individual room and adding them up. After 20 minutes of facts and figures, the HVAC technician agreed with my square footage number. We decided to go with a 4-ton HVAC unit, instead of the three ton unit that the technician was trying to sell me.

HVAC worker