In the mood for a project

Now that I have been under quarantine for the past couple of months I have had to find some ways to get creative just to avoid total boredom… Many people have found a current hobby in reading books or playing board games online via zoom, although I have found something else that peaks our interest, then one of the things that has recently kept myself and others tied up is doing DIY projects around the house, however these projects tend to take an seriously long time and also are pretty complicated, however that has just the way I love it.

My latest DIY project has been fixing up the old air conditioner device in our home.

This air conditioner device had been broken down and kneeling in our garage for the past year or so, however after taking a look at it and reading some DIY Heating and A/C articles online I decided to take a shot at fixing it up! It has been a couple of nights since I started this DIY project and I must say that it has been going surprisingly well for me. The old air conditioner is starting to look love it is something that could potentially run and I assume that after a few more nights of strenuous work I will have a laboring Heating and A/C system. Once this quarantine is behind us I just might have a current side hustle repairing and restoring old Heating and A/C units. Most of our adult life when I have had too much freetime I haven’t been good at being productive, although I guess this time around things have been much different!



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