Inability to sleep

Sleep is a tricky thing to achieve for me. Other people can lay in bed, close their eyes and poof – it’s the next morning. For me, I have to lay in bed, toss and turn about five dozen times, think about every poor decision I’ve made in my life, forgive myself for my actions, and then force my eyes shut for about five minutes. It’s a very frustrating experience, and I’m thankful I can run on only a few hours of sleep every night! Otherwise this would be a much more severe living nightmare. One thing that does provide some solace is having white noise, but it can’t just be anything! What works best for me is the hum of an air conditioning system running in my home. The constant whirring of the A/C unit outside my house, pulling air into the unit to cool before blowing it through an air handler into my house – that sound is like a lullaby to me. Sadly, my wife doesn’t sleep very well when the house is “too cold” according to her, so we often sleep without the A/C system running. It drives me nuts! I don’t see why she can’t just use more blankets to warm up. So, we came to a compromise in which I would have an oscillating fan on my side of the bed. While it doesn’t keep me cool and comfortable in the way our central air conditioning system would, it does the job for providing just enough noise for me to comfortably fall asleep.

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