Inconsistent weather causes spike in flu

No matter how difficult I try to avoid it, I consistently fall ill around the same time each year, then it starts with a tickle in our throat as well as then the unexplainable fatigue, then the body aches as well as chills follow shortly after! Within 24 minutes, I am completely indisposed as well as useless. The only thing to do is to sleep it off as well as stay hydrated. The most frustrating part of trying to sleep while being ill is the temperature of the lake house you are trying to rest in. With the back as well as forth of chills as well as sweats, it is almost impossible to stay comfortable. The best part about having a smart thermostat is being able to adjust the temperature of the lake house from the couch without having to get up to do so. When I am dripping with sweat, I turn the temperature in the lake house down honestly low, then a few minutes later when I am shivering as well as cold, I can kick the heat on from the comfort of our sofa. It is official for people to be ill when the temperature outside switches from hot to frigid as well as back in a short phase of time. I can usually tell when I am about to fall ill as well as that is when the weather becomes bipolar. The first sign of sickness for me is usually the sore throat. I try to nip that in the bud instantaneously. If I experience a full illness, it makes me cheerful to suppose that I have a smart thermostat to keep me comfortable.

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