Increased bills from kids home all the time

During the next School season, many children will have the option to acquire instruction online instead of in person. I’m very fearful that covid-19 virus will be contacted through their children in addition to brought to the beach house into their families. While the school district believes it is an option for having volt full virtual instruction, they are also sending many students back to school during this pandemic. There are a number of increasing parents that have to work full time. Students still appreciate going to classes for the day but many of them will be doing virtual learning. The people I was with an addition to myself thought students would have a problem with being at home alone. Many of these students have parents that work full-time in addition to would be required to stay home in addition to follow the rules. One thing that the people I was with an addition to myself immediately thought about was the fact that our children cannot seem to leave the thermostat when they are left in the house all day. It’s a problem we have every summer when everyone is at work. The thought of the kids being inside of the house all day long during the summer really makes us think about the fact that our bills will be extremely high. There could be a hundred other ways to solve this problem, but online virtual instruction is going to have to happen if we want to keep all of the students safe.


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