Indoor air quality means more to me than a new couch

I had to choose recently between having really high indoor air quality and getting a new couch.

I have been in the market for a new couch for the past three years and I just keep putting it off because I like to pay for everything in cash. I’ve been saving up but as a homeowner, it always seems like something else comes up that I have to pay for. Most recently, I ended up with a broken heating and cooling system that I had to pay for. I almost put it off and ordered the new couch instead, but I thought that really wasn’t the most responsible thing to do. Of course, I would much rather have a beautiful, comfortable new couch to sit on and watch TV at night than a new HVAC system. However, I know that it’s much more important to have really good indoor air quality inside your home than a fancy new comfortable couch. I guess when you are truly an adult, you end up having to make decisions like that. Honestly, it was a hard decision for me to make because your indoor air quality isn’t exactly something that you can see and enjoy and appreciate like a new couch is! But my kids and I have been having a lot of respiratory issues this year because of the high pollen counts that we’ve been having. I decided that instead of buying the new couch of my dreams, I would make sure that the indoor air quality in my house was as good as it could be. I scheduled the HVAC company to come out and do all the maintenance and repair work that we needed. I think I’m actually going to have a UV light air purification system installed too.


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