Injured and HVAC

Being a single parent is tough, but being a single parent and disabled? That’s near impossible, but somehow I make it work! What happened doesn’t matter, so to make a long story short, we’ll just say I fell off a roof and haven’t walked the same way since. Still, I manage to keep up with my six year-old with the help of some supportive gear on my injured leg. I was an HVAC service technician prior to my injury, and thankfully my employers needed a project manager for future installation projects, so I had just the right experience to apply! Now that most of my on-the-job duties revolve around keeping big projects on track, I have a far greater vantage point for these installation jobs than ever before. In the past, I never noticed how unusual it was for a business to keep their air conditioning units on the roof. It’s not sensible when you consider the way heat will cause rooftops to turn into stovetops! In that same vein, I’ve noticed that our workers seem to think that installing several units at once means installing one after another throughout a few days. The reality is, it makes far more sense if they’re installing all units simultaneously, as they’ll have just the necessary tools, components and other needed materials to handle the job. That helps to make sure all units can go live at the same time, instead of trying to use only one or two units to cool down an entire office building. See, I told you it gives me a more tactical viewpoint! I just wish I could carry this over to my personal life, as I still haven’t got around to my annual duct cleaning. I also have a smart thermostat sitting in its box, waiting to be installed and utilized to help save money on my utility bills. Ah well – sometimes, we’re just different people at work!

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