Installing a ductless mini-split system is great

handyman-enabling action that a homeowner can take to improve their standard of living. When the window mounted air conditioning unit for my home had broke down, I was sad at first. I’d been living in this small house on the backlot of another home for a decade now. Believe it or not, I had that same window A/C unit when I first moved in! Well, all good things come to an end eventually, but fortunately they’re replaced with a new good thing. In this case, the new good thing was the ductless mini-split system! I’d been wanting to find a way to improve the air conditioning and heating in my home for some time, and I was having trouble deciding if I should buy a new window unit or invest in central heating. That’s when a friend of mine pointed out ductless mini-split systems, and explained how they are the perfect middle ground between a window unit and a central unit. It’s ductless, of course – so there’s some cost savings. Plus, there’s only one step in the installation process for a mini-split system that could be a headache. When you try to install the system, remember that you’ll have to bore a big hole in the wall to feed electric cables and tubing through to the other side. Don’t do what I did, and foolishly try to bore a hole right through a supporting beam in the wall! I’m glad I stopped when I realized what I was drilling into, but I was frustrated knowing I’d need to move the outdoor unit around to a spot that wasn’t in front of a support beam!

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