Installing a furnace

When my sister came to visit, she brought her two dogs along with her. I didn’t know she was going to bring the dogs, but I wasn’t upset. I had a dog of my own, and they got along very well. My sister was going to be staying with us for a week, while she toured some of the historic monuments in the area. I hadn’t seen my sister in a few years, so I was happy for the visit. It was the middle of spring, and I was running the A/C unit. The central A/C works pretty well in my flat, and my sister was happy with the indoor environment. A few days after she arrived, I started to see yellow puddles on the kitchen and living room floor. I told my sister that the dogs were peeing on the floor, but she didn’t believe me. She was sure it was water dripping from their jaws. I was sure it was pee! When the A/C stopped working on the third day, I could smell dog pee everywhere. The A/C had managed to mask the odor for a few days, but I could smell dog urine everywhere. My sister could smell it too, and she started to apologize for the dogs’ behavior. She offered to get the carpets cleaned, and I accepted. Until the A/C was working, I could smell the dogs all over my place. There wasn’t an inch of the flat, that didn’t smell like mildew, dog, or urine. By the time my sister was ready to leave, I was ready to have my house sanitized, fumigated, and scrubbed.