Installing a new air purifier

Finishing our basement last year was a great move. The kids now have the space to hang out with their friends without tearing up my clean house. When they were younger, they could entertain friends in their bedrooms or the backyard. But, now that they’re teenagers, they need a designated hang out space. I wanted it to be here, in the house, where I could keep an eye on who was coming over. I just didn’t want a bunch of teens all over my living room or under foot in the kitchen. Now, they have their own space and everyone in the house is happy. We also put in a full bathroom and guest bedroom in the basement. That’s a big bonus when the grandparents come to visit at the holidays. I did notice that it gets a little musty downstairs when the weather is warmer. I want to add a whole house dehumidifier to our existing HVAC system to deal with the problem. I had the man who installed our HVAC system out for an estimate. He can get it done in one day. He said he’ll wire the dehumidifier to our air handler so that the fan runs whenever the dehumidifier turns on. This way we won’t have to run more ductwork into the living space. Dry air will flow through the existing air ducts. We will have to run the air handler fan, but only when the humidity level calls for it. I’m thrilled we won’t have to have more construction. My HVAC man did a great job when we did the renovation last year, so I’m taking his recommendation for adding the humidifier to the existing heating and cooling system. Once that’s done, the basement should be perfect.