Installing a new mini-split HVAC unit for the den

I decided to turn the garage into a den.

It was a project that took an entire summer, but I was happy with the results when everything was done.

I closed in the area and got rid of the door. The only problem was heating and cooling the space. I kept the door open most days and nights so I could take advantage of the central heating and air conditioning in the rest of the house. It started to get expensive during the summer, and a lot of that was due to the poor insulation inside of the garage. I’m not a contractor, but I did the best job that I could do on my own. Still, there are a lot of spots in the then that could use some work. I always complain about the lack of air conditioning during the summer. In the beginning of June, my son came over with a huge surprise. He purchased a mini split HVAC unit to put up in the den. He was even going to spend the day helping me install the new machine. My son received a huge bonus at work and the first thing he did was go to the hardware store and buy a mini split HVAC unit for my house. I didn’t want to accept the elaborate gift, but my son was proud and beaming from ear-to-ear. I had a really nice time working with my son to install the new mini-split HVAC unit. We followed all of the directions in the box and it only took a few hours. When we were finished, we enjoyed a couple of ice cold beers in the ice cold air.


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