Insulating my room to keep it cold

As such, I have been trying to courteously insulate my room to keep it cooler at night

Living with roommates is a continual practice of compromise and communication. It’s definitely difficult to put diverse adults Under One Roof top and ask them to get along peacefully. Day after day, we have to find ways to live with each other without driving each other totally crazy. I do my best to be a kind and courteous roommate, so that I don’t make a big impact on their current living situation. I just want everyone to be comfortable and happy, without needing weekly roommate meetings or counseling sessions. That’s why, I generally take a back seat when it comes to establishing the HVAC settings around here. It seems like a massive point of contention when people started fiddling with the central heating and cooling programs, because everybody has their own personal level of comfort. No matter what I think is comfortable, other people may not agree. Similarly, I have to adjust my personal preferences based on the thermostat programming that they’ve chosen. Throughout the day, it’s generally toasty warm and comfortable in the house. I have no problem going about my daily business or working from home with the heat settings that are established for daytime. For me, the trouble comes at night. They tend to keep the heat on higher than I personally enjoy it for sleeping. As such, I have been trying to courteously insulate my room to keep it cooler at night. I pile things up by the door, block the air vents, and pop my windows open at night. While they are pumping high-quality central heat until the rest of the house, I am actively trapping cold air in my little bedroom.

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