Internet is too bad for my smart thermostat

It barely can work due to the wifi connection

My internet connection is about as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. I never can manage to have wireless internet connection. Every morning I need to get up and reset the modem in my house. I can’t ever read on my ipad in bed, no internet. After the modem is reset I have until about 9 at night. The internet then goes out once more. Fixer the modem, router and turning wifi off and on sometimes helps. Usually though, no internet after 9 at night. Sometimes even during the day the internet just decides to up and quit. It is really annoying when I try to do any work on my computer. You would think that with all of this, I would have not gotten a smart thermostat. Nope, I was stupid and investing in a smart thermostat. I got caught up in hearing about how efficient your HVAC will run. I loved how the thermostat learns a heating and cooling program. It tells you about bad air quality, dirty air quality and efficiency temperature settings. It is the ultimate thermostat to have with your HVAC technology. Of course I wanted it. I thought my internet connection could handle it. The thermostat is totally useless in my home. Since the wifi cuts in and out, there is no HVAC program. The thermostat can’t learn anything. It never tells me about fan speed, air quality, or air filters. It barely can work due to the wifi connection. How sad is that? I spent a ton of money for superior temperature control and now I am looking into a basic dial thermostat.