It doesn’t matter to me what happens

I’m no stranger to living in harsh conditions and trying to survive against adversity. I mean, I have lived in my new apartment for about 4 years now, after all. The heating plan is an ancient university radiator plan that works sometimes, for the most part, but in the warm season there’s no air conditioning at all for relief from the heat. The ancient heating plan really needs to be substituted at this point. I mean, it breaks often. At least once or twice a year. When it does break, it generally takes the proprietor a wonderfully relaxing month or so to get the problem fixed. That’s during a month in the middle of Winter season without heat… Not the most ideal. Then in the warm season, I can’t entirely open up all of my windows because they are painted shut. Many of the existing windows are original to the house, and they also need to be substituted for energy efficient window panes, which is why they don’t work and have been shut up. All these little household things add up, and the building has numerous apartments in it. I would definitely think the proprietor is getting plenty of money to be able to come through and do some of these substitutes. I’ve decided it’s time for a change, and I’ve been diligently looking for a modern apartment ever since. I haven’t found the right site for me and my dogs yet, but I do have some conditions. First, I need to have modern air conditioning in the modern site. And that’s it.

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