It feels super cold to me

I spent three summers straight from the ages of 12 and 15 out fishing at a pier down the road from the house we lived in at the time.  This was an iconic pier for the city and the restaurant that was attached on the beachside that owned the pier was equally iconic. For three generations that pier went through varying incarnations but the bait shop never moved from it’s tiny closet sized space off the edge of the back of the restaurant facing the opening of the pier.  When I turned 14, I heard they were considering building a bait shop on the middle of the pier itself! It’s a long fishing pier and many of us always fished out at the very end so this was a huge improvement for us, it cut the trips back and forth to get drinks and bait by more than half. But I don’t think the first attendant they hired for the bait shop was as enthusiastic as we were.  Apparently, all they gave him to cool off with was a single table top fan, no AC or anything more extensive than that. The temperatures in the middle of the summer reach the low 100s before you even get to the heat index measurements. Combine that with the ocean being a natural mirror for light and you have an environment that is miserable unless there is a regular breeze. The first attendant quit within the first month and by the time a new one was hired they had installed a small window mounted air conditioner and fixed the pay window with a sliding glass door to trap the cool air in.  I guess the woes of the first attendant pushed them to finally take action. You can’t expect someone to endure a climate like that without air conditioning, it’s dangerous and at best frustratingly uncomfortable to work in every day.

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