It got freezing very quickly

Once upon a time I was an apartment renter, just as many have been and will be. Though I have tasted the joys and freedoms of owning my home, I could ever go back to renting! When you rent, you get some advantages that homeowners lose out on, like being able to call the super or a landlord when something breaks. However, you pay more and more in rent each passing year, even if you’re an excellent tenant and cause no trouble. No matter how much you like the locale, it is never really yours! That stinks. I thought I could never afford a house, and so I went with the option of a double wide trailer which proved just as good. I had enough cash left over for the best Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan on the market too, but to be honest, this cooling system was a lot more powerful than I would ever need it to be! With the square footage of my trailer being considered, I could have gotten by just dandy with small box style A/C units you would find in the windows of studio apartments. That would have been sufficient for cooling down the whole locale, even in the middle of a brutal Summer heatwave! As it stands, I have an A/C system so strong and capable that it will keep the entire trailer chilly, even with all the windows and doors wide open. I even tested that out once, and for a whole hour the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan made it seem like the trailer was still sealed up tight. Modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment is infinitely more efficient than any predecessor.

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