It is a weird day in our house

Last week, our youngsters came into the apartment as well as took the chairs that our wifey as well as I normally sit in.

They sat there sighing as they left the air conditioning bathe their bodies.

My son, who is six, told myself and others that it was hard working out in the hot, cruel sun. I had to hide our smile as I asked him what she was working at? She told myself and others that she was picking up the rocks in the yard. I asked him why she had to pick up rocks out of the yard as well as she told myself and others it was because she put them there, as well as she rolled her eyes. She sat there with the recliners pushed back as well as her eyes closed. She whispered a ‘whew’ as she wiped her forehead. She told myself and others the air conditioning felt appealing as well as all she needed was a cool drink to make her day. I went out to the kitchen as well as pulled out the ice cream as well as made him a milkshake. I took it in to him as well as she looked over at her sibling. She said that she needed air conditioning as well as a drink as much as she did. I provided her the other milkshake I had behind our back. I asked her what she was doing that required air conditioning as well as a cold drink. She told myself and others she was cleaning up all of the dead bugs from the sidewalk. Now I was curious since our child had rocks as well as she had dead bugs. They told myself and others they were having a contest on who could kill the most ants by throwing rocks at them.