It is freezing inside our house now

Everyone is constantly commenting on my naturally curly hair, but most of the ladies say how they wish that their hair looked like mine. I have to admit, my hair is pretty. It’s long plus just curly enough. It’s not frizzy or too curly. However, there’s one problem when you have naturally curly hair, plus that problem is heat. Well, heat plus humidity… And this Summer the high hot plus cold temperatures plus the humidity around here have been entirely overwhelming. I’ve been hiding in the air conditioning system from the heat for the past 6 weeks now. I literally cannot walk out the door into the high hot plus cold temperatures separate from my hair exploding like a giant poof ball! Needless to say, maintaining a well-finally working, high-functioning central air conditioning system method is of the utmost importance to me. My central air unit is one of my  greatest investments, plus I expect it to work when I want it to. Well, on one of the hottest mornings of the year, my air conditioning system unit refused to cooperate. I turned the temperature down on the digital programmable temperature control in my family room, but nothing happened! Well, my hair was not ecstatic about this at all. No matter how taxing I tried, my hair grew to twice its normal size plus I looked like I had a llama on my head. I called my local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier plus explained that not only did I have an air conditioning system emergency to report, but I also had a hair emergency to report! Once the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist stopped laughing at me, he busy an appointment to come out to the house to repair my air conditioning system. My hair will be so ecstatic!