It is party time!

During the summer, my wife and I planned this big party for our son and his friends and classmates. Even the shy children were dancing and having fun at our little shindig! Everyone was enjoying the food we had prepared, particularly the ice cream. We’d forgotten about dessert until another parent showed up with tubs of ice cream in tow. Us adults were outside making conversation, so we remained unaware of the change in the temperature indoors. That is, until we noticed one little fellow trying to open up a window. Then it dawned on us that the Heating and Air Conditioning unit must’ve quit on us again! Why did this have to happen now, when we have thirty sweat kids in our house? We even made sure to have the AC correctly checked out before the party. When I called up the Heating and A/C contractors responsible for the check-up, we realized what happened – no HVAC specialist had come to check on the unit as we had expected! To make things worse, they charged us for a visit and said no one answered the door when they showed up earlier. It was a clear classic of passing the buck! We were just glad the children didn’t appear particularly bothered by the change in air quality. We quickly opened up all the windows, happy to see that the fun didn’t seem to miss a beat. It seemed the adults were much more affected by the absence of air conditioning. I was still furious about the HVAC contractor’s antics though – I was going to head down to their shop Monday morning and give them an earful about reliability.

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