It is really snowing now

My dad and I had checked the forecast the night before we left on our hunting trip, it looked like typical fall weather. Sure it was a little rainy and a bit chilly, but otherwise there wasn’t any issue. Heck, one of the two days it was even going to be sunny. Well, the forecaster changed that tune real quick. The day we arrived at our hunting cabin to do the annual family hunt for our Thanksgiving meal next week, the smartphone told a different story. The new forecast called for a cold front to collide with the rainstorm. Sure enough, when we woke up the next day after night one at our hunting cabin, we were totally snowed in and it was still coming down fast. Fortunately, the cabin is good to go for heat with a wood burning stove. Unlike a fireplace, a wood burning stove is actually an effective option for a central heater. Since a wood burning stove is a closed system, it stays lit longer and it’s easier to work with. You can keep a wood burning stove burning for hours with very little effort. Unlike fireplaces, which constantly need to be checked on, poked, and prodded to keep the fire hot and continuous, a wood burning stove can actually keep a fire going for up to eight hours. We were able to just get the wood stove going, feed it twice to make plenty of hot coals, and then let it work while we slept. In the morning, we woke up still warm thanks to our fantastic wood burning stove.

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