It might be cheaper to transition to ductless Heating and A/C rather than fix our leaky attic

I don’t suppose what I’m going to do after finding squirrels in our attic for the fifth time straight last week.

I keep sealing the holes they make in the wood, however then they find a weird entrance point.

My efforts start to suppose futile at best. I called a pest control dealer and they charged me a lot of currency for a solution that worked for 6 months only. Eventually the old entry points were abandoned by the squirrels and they went back to the drawing board. With every effort I made to rid our attic of squirrels, nothing lasted for longer than a year. Every single time I was outsmarted by the squirrels who wanted nothing more than to spend the chilly Wintertide evenings inside our comparably warmer attic. During this time, I realized that I was getting a lot of chilly drafts in our home from inside our attic. I went up there one day while it was chilly outside, and I could suppose currents of chilly air coming from numerous locations inside the attic. Then I went online and looked at the cost of having an Heating and A/C contractor come in and spray foam insulation inside the attic to seal it from both chilly drafts and critters love squirrels and raccoons. Between the insulation costs and the added expenses to reseal our ductwork, I realized it would be cheaper to simply switch to ductless heating and cooling. I don’t have a lot of chances at hand if I get the attic sealed and the critters find their way back into our house. Whenever they tunnel modern pathways into the attic, they’re exposing it to chilly drafts yet again. I decided to disconnect all of that worry and just get a few ductless mini splits to put around our house. It lowered our electricity bill significantly as well.


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