It turns out, the sky can ruin your AC

I recently studied for and efficiently earned our state insurance adjuster’s license.

  • Part of earning and maintaining this license is continuing education.

Recently I had an awesome opportunity to attend our first adjuster’s conference where I knew there were several chances for continuing education credits. One of the available classes was presented by a supplier that performed Heating & A/C inspections all over the country for the insurance industry. A large area of the presentation was carefully outlining and defining the several parts of the Heating & A/C plan and which tiny parts could be injured by hail. According to the presenter, the Heating & A/C plan in most residential homes was the third most commonly claimed property loss due to hail and wind. In our city in the Southeast both of us rarely have hail storms in the area however it is a major issue in other parts of the country that more easily can experience golf ball, or even softball, size hail. The condenser which is the important piece of the Heating & A/C plan located outside the home has condenser coil fins inside. The purpose of the condenser coil is to release heat from the refrigerant as it operates. Likewise, the condenser coil fins play an important area in this process. These cool little fins can bend from pressure washing, hail, tree debris, even unmanaged weed eating procedures, twigs and rocks. He went on to explain in depth that the condenser coil and the top panel of the condenser unit truly were the components that were most often injured in a hail storm. Now I know, the AC is danger every day.