It was a fun time back then

I found an up-to-date radio station that plays nothing but 70’s disco. I was never someone who loved disco myself, but it took myself and others back to my younger years. I had a lot of fun regularly going to the discos. I wasn’t the best dancer and I completely disfigured the hustle. I met my spouse at the disco. She laughed so hard when I tried to do a split while dancing with her. The only thing I split that evening was my pants, and my jockey shorts were blowing in the breeze. I was so wholly embarrassed, but I had to laugh with her. She handed myself and others her phone number. She helped myself and others through my difficult Heating and A/C certification classes, and I helped her through her Lamaze classes after that night. She was then helping myself and others get through the massive opening of my Heating and A/C business. It has been a long, difficult life for the both of us, but we’ve survived it with laughter and love. Next month, our beautiful little girl is getting married to a single of the Heating and A/C specialists that I personally hired a year ago. She never thought she would get married because she didn’t honestly believe anyone would want a female Heating and A/C specialist. I recently found out she was having a sappy disco song play for our father-daughter dance. I wonder if her sweet little mother had something to do with that? I recently told her that the best mistake I have ever made was to go to a disco club.

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