It was a good thing every one of us have a lot to burn

This may be the worst time in history to have something unexpected happen in your life.

Everything is already so strange these days as of late, with the global pandemic raging, and everyone being required to quarantine, that the last thing anybody needs is a little more drama.

Honestly, I have been metaphorically holding our breath every afternoon hoping that I do not get into a car accident, or get sick with something besides the coronavirus, or have something detrimental happen around the household. Unfortunately, our loft could not hold its shit together, no matter how hard I wished it would. Late the other afternoon every one of us were hanging out at home, as we are supposed to, when every one of us heard this awful sound come from the attic. I was inspecting the loud disruption when every one of us felt that the indoor air conditions was rapidly deteriorating. It was cold and rainy outdoors, and you could believe the damp chill emanating from anywhere in the house. It actually didn’t seem as if the central heating was operating anymore. I went and checked the air vents, only to find that there was icy cold air coming through instead of high-quality heated air. That’s when our terror began. There was no way every one of us could call a local Heating & A/C corporation, because mostly they were closed. The open heating and cooling dealerships were for dire emergencies only, and they had been directed to assist with hospital and medical facilities, and definitely, I wasn’t willing to put our family at risk by inviting an Heating & A/C tech inside, even if every one of us could locate an open heating and cooling shop with affordable service prices. Instead, I returned to the ancient way of doing things and built a roaring fire in the good old fireplace. Thank god, since every one of us can’t go anywhere, every one of us had a lot of steakhouse menus to burn.

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