It was a Smart Thermostat deal I couldn’t turn down

Sometimes, we all run across deals that we can’t turn down.

I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I find good deals like this last one.

I wanted to shout out to everyone I knew and even those I didn’t know that I got an amazing deal. You see, I knew that I had a problem with my thermostat the other day. My furnace wasn’t running and the thermostat wasn’t working to make the furnace respond. Since the HVAC company told us that the furnace was working fine, I had to go out and buy a new thermostat. I went to the HVAC company showroom, which the HVAC technician told me was having a sale. I got into the showroom and I showed the thermostat I already had. I told them that I wanted a digital thermostat, but I wanted one that was more modern than the thermostat I already had. The HvAC technician who was in the showroom, told me that if I bought the newest upgrade for the digital thermostat, I could upgrade for free, to a new Smart Thermostat. I had wanted a Smart Thermostat ever since I had heard about them. I loved being able to use my phone or laptop to be able to check my energy consumption and change the thermostat. I jumped at the offer for a free Smart Thermostat. I went home and called everyone I knew. I told them that all they had to do was buy a new digital thermostat and they could get a free Smart Thermostat. I told them they need to go to the HVAC showroom to get the deal.

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