It was disappointing when my ex broke my UV air purifier

Before my ex broke up with me, she broke my UV air purifier.

That kind of was the last straw to be honest and I wasn’t even sure what she was freaking out about.

I think honestly she was cheating on me because she was very quick to get with the next guy. It seemed like they already had a relationship and she probably just tried to make a big scene to rationalize breaking up with me. It’s whatever, that lady was way too crazy for me. I was extremely disappointed about my UV air purifier. That UV air purifier was a gift from my parents back when I first went to college and it helped me through some tough days. The improved air quality always gives me a sense of peace and I know it also helps to keep me healthier. I actually used to have serious breathing complications when I was young and my parents invested in a quality air purification system just for me. I mean, it helped them too, but they would never have paid for something like that if it weren’t for my breathing complications. Ever since having access to improved air quality, my health has improved immensely. I also helped when the ductwork system was cleaned regularly so that the air quality was always the best it could be. Well, when I was no longer able to use my air purifier, I started feeling the same breathing problems coming up again and I had to call the HVAC company to have a new air purification system installed in my home.
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