It was exciting news when our son was accepted to many different universities

Our son was accepted to numerous universities which was a beautiful thing. We told him he could go to whichever college he wished. He decided to go check out all the colleges in person. He wanted a tour of the campuses and he wanted to get a feel for what his future education would be like. He said he really enjoyed the different places and they all had their own unique features. What got him in the end though was the climate control systems in the classrooms he would be attending. He found this particular college that had the best climate control settings of all the different places. He spoke with some of the professors too and he was able to make a connection with them. They told him that they hoped to be able to see him in the first trimester. Well, I think they got him with their awesome temperature control settings and great air quality. He was telling us how they even have powerful UV air purification systems throughout the campus so the air quality is always amazing. The other campuses were not as well equipped when it came to the heating and cooling equipment, though they weren’t too bad overall. We were happy when our son was able to come to the conclusion of which college he wanted, and before we knew it, we were dropping him off at the dorms. Of course, we gave him a portable HVAC unit in case he needed to be able to adjust the temperature control settings for greater comfort.
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