It was only the thermostat!

I woke up last night in addition to had seen that it was cold in the house.

  • I went down to check the thermostat in addition to it said that it was 76 degrees in the house.

We had the thermostat set to 72 so I thought I must be wrong about how cold it was. I just threw another quilt on the bed in addition to went back to sleep. Well, I should have turned off the cooling system because when I woke up in the morning, it was absolutely cold cold in the house. The thermostat still read 76 degrees however it felt as if it was 58. I turned off the cooling system in addition to called out our air conditioning dealership. Thankfully, they were able to send out a corporation that same day to come in addition to take a peek at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I don’t know a lot about air conditioning, or how any of it functions, so I hoped it would not be a super overpriced fix. Happily, it was not valuable at all. It turned out that I just need a modern thermostat. they told me that the thermostat controls the temperature settings by making the ac system or furnace turn on in addition to off in order to keep the home at our desired amounts. If it is wrecked it does not register the correct temperature in the home in addition to so it runs at all times. That explains why it was so cold last night. Happily, it was a quick fix in addition to now I can turn the cooling system back on.


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