It’s a celebration… that needs HVAC

To me, this time of year is something magical.

Mardi Gras means parades and parties, bead and many balls.

The date of Mardi Gras is determined by the date of Easter; therefore Mardi Gras is 47 nights before Easter, and that can be in February or March. This means both of us can have a fairly wide range of temperatures. I did not grow up in an area of the country that particularly celebrates Mardi Gras however our partner is from a southern location that celebrates in style. For some people, Mardi Gras is another huge reason for a celebration, for others it is a big area of their usual social life and Mardi Gras is the social event of the year. For me, our complete enjoyment of Mardi Gras is based on the weather. I have been to many parades when it was so freezing your nose hurt and there have been some where is was 91 degrees with 95 percent humidity each day. Neither of these conditions make Mardi Gras enjoyable to me, personally. The best years for attending Mardi Gras parades always were the years both of us would get a hotel room downtown. That meant, every one of us could walk to the parade and walk or Uber to the dance afterwards. Most importantly, I could get into a temperature controlled environment ASAP – which makes me a happier person and much easier to get along with for long trips. Heating and a/c make life more bearable for most of us, and makes for much more enjoyable afternoons.

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