It’s about time to clean the A/C appliance again

I don’t know for certain if most people have to do this, even though I definitely have to clean our air conditioner appliance quite often.

It gets completely gross, and at times, I can even smell a musty stink coming from it.

That is usually when I let it go for a long while. I really have to clean it roughly every week. It has been quite busy around here as of late, so I am pretty sure that I have not cleaned our air conditioner appliance in over a week. It is getting seriously bad. I can absolutely smell it. It has a musty stink that is really spreading throughout the entire dwelling. I have no clue in the slightest why I have to clean our air conditioner appliance so often. It really makes me worried that it gets so gross. I have asked friends who have the same type of air conditioner appliance if they have to clean theirs that often, plus they tell me that they really don’t. It must just be our lake dwelling plus our air conditioner. It is an awful combination I guess. I assume that our lake dwelling is a bit more humid than most. It collects moisture for some bizarre reason. It gets so moist in our lake dwelling that I have to use dehumidifiers 24/7 just to keep the moisture in check. I really should have a professional come plus check out our dwelling. There has to be something wrong with the way it is insulated or something. Most houses don’t collect this much moisture. Anyways, I assume that is why I have to clean our air conditioner appliance so much! Regardless of why I have to clean it so often, I really need to clean it soon!

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